5 Most Common Gutter Mistakes Homeowners Make

5 Most Common Gutter Mistakes

Gutters serve as your home’s main protection from water damage. They divert water and debris off your roof to prevent leaks, clogs, and breakages. Without a properly installed gutter, your house can develop mold, mildew, cracks, leaks, and stains, among other problems. It is important that you know how to properly maintain your gutters at home.

5 Gutter Mistakes that You Should Avoid

Since gutter repair seems like a manageable task, many people opt to perform DIY gutter installation and maintenance instead of calling for professional help. Although doing DIY gutter maintenance is acceptable, it leaves a lot of room for mistakes.

Here are 5 of the most common mistakes homeowners make when repairing their own gutters:

  • Installing gutters with an incorrect pitch

Gutters must be installed with a slight pitch to make way for downward water flow towards downspouts. The pitch must not be too level, as it might fill the gutter and lead to an overflow. It must not be too forward either, as doing so would make the water drainage less effective.

Miscalculating the pitch can also lead to potential damages to your house’s foundation over time. Generally, your gutter’s pitch must not be more than an inch for every 40 feet of distance from the roof.

  • Installing the wrong kind of gutter

Gutters come in different shapes and sizes. If you do not have a lot of experience in choosing gutters, you might get overwhelmed at the available choices. When installing your gutter, it is important to know the following:

  • The best material for your gutter
  • The right size of your gutter
  • The appropriate gauge of your gutter

Even if you’re planning to install the gutter on your own, it is preferable to at least consult with a roofing expert beforehand.

  • Installing too many gutter seams

Your gutter’s weakest points are its seams. No matter how many seams you install, it will still weaken the sections of your gutter, causing its separation. Too many seams can also give way for gutter heat, cold, and water damage. As much as possible, it would be advisable to lessen the number of seams in your gutter.

  • Incorrect spacing for gutter hangers

Hangers serve as a connection between your gutter and your roof. They are also responsible for providing support to your gutter’s entire structure. During downpours and extreme weather, gutters are pulled away from their moorings because of improper hangar installation. Make sure that your hangers are not spaced too far apart, to ensure your gutter’s integrity.

  • Lack of constant maintenance

People should maintain their gutters at least twice a year to guarantee its durability. If you do not clean your gutters, debris will build up and cause clogs. Improper maintenance can also result to leaks, cracks, and the like. To make sure that your gutters remain in their best shape, make sure to routinely perform maintenance.

These are some of the most common mistakes that homeowners commit when trying to repair or maintain their own gutters. These may not seem extremely damaging. However, when combined, these mistakes can cost you more than what your budget can handle. To decrease the probability of mistakes, it is better to approach professionals with years of experience in the craft.

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