Choosing the Ideal Skylight for Your Home

Are you having a new home built in Boca Raton? Are you remodeling your current home? If you answered yes to either of these questions you might want to consider the installation of a skylight. Skylights are popular windows installed in homes in high ceilings and are often found in kitchens, living rooms, master bedrooms, and bathrooms. Here are some tips for choosing the ideal skylight for your home.

A Tubular or Solar Tube Skylight

One of the skylight options available for your home remodel or new construction is the tubular or solar tube skylight. If the main goal of your skylight project is to add more natural light to your home, you will want to consider this skylight option. This option is also the ideal choice when there isn’t enough space in the ceiling for a traditional skylight. These skylights come in diameters of 10 and 14 inches. The 10-inch option is best for closets, bathrooms, and hallways. Kitchens and living rooms are better served by the 14-inch option.

A Traditional Skylight

If your preference is to have a traditional skylight installed, it can add a ton of light to the room where it is installed. If the job is done properly, your home can be filled with beautiful, natural lighting that adds flair to your home. These skylights are especially popular in homes that have vaulted ceilings. Opening up a vaulted ceiling with a skylight will bring a lot to the room.

The installation of a traditional skylight is a much more involved job than adding a tubular skylight to your home. Drywall work and reframing will need to be completed to finish this project successfully. You have some more options when choosing a traditional skylight compared to a tubular skylight. This includes being able to vent the skylight outside the home using solar power, electric, or manual controls.

Energy Efficient Skylights

Just like all other windows and doors, there are energy efficient skylights that can be installed in your home. This is especially important in Florida, where we can experience heavy rains at a moment’s notice. You will want a skylight that helps with the efficiency of your home and will survive the heavy rains and high winds that homeowners in Florida have become known to endure. A great way to reduce the heat that a skylight can send into your home in the summer months is to make sure the glass is tinted prior to it being installed.

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