Exterior Maintenance Tips for the Summer

Exterior Maintenance Tips for the Summer

If spring is for cleaning, then summer is for maintenance. What is usually the best season for people is typically not a great season for your home. While you are out hitting the beach or vacationing with the family, your home will be there. When you have a little down time over the summer, try out a few of these maintenance tips to help make your home shine.

1. Clean Your Gutters

There is never a more important time to clean your gutters than the summer. Summer squalls can knock twigs, leaves, and other detritus onto your roof and subsequently into your gutters. Over time, the buildup can cause serious problems. Fall and winter typically see more rain than summer, so ensure that clogged gutters are not a problem before it becomes critical.

2. Check Your Windows

Down here in Florida, we understand the need to run your air conditioner unit. Ensuring that the sealants on the air conditioning are firm will go a long way for guaranteeing the cold air stays in, and you do not waste any electricity.

3. Replace Batteries in Fire Alarms and Make Sure Fire Extinguishers Are Working

This one is technically an interior tip, but a fire will ignite the outside of your house the same is it does for the inside. Summer sees an uptick in fires, due to conditions being riper for conflagrations. Knowing where your fire extinguishers are is half the battle. It may also be a good idea to go over fire preparations with your family.

4. Analyze Your Deck

There is nothing quite like sipping a cold beverage on your deck after a long day’s work. On the other end of the spectrum, there is nothing like your deck breaking under you because it is not structurally sound. A quick examination for rotting wood will go a long way into understanding whether or not you should replace your deck.

It may also be a good idea to check for any nails that are being forced up. A trusty hammer will help get them back down. As you are going around outside, spill some water onto the deck. Should the water bead up, you are fine. If the water soaks into the wood, then you need to reseal the deck.

5. Do a Roof Check

This can be done while you are cleaning your gutters. Here, you need to look for missing or curled roof tiles. If any of the caulk has cracked, take note of that. The metal that is used to prevent water from leaking through crevices is called flashing. This flashing occasionally rusts, and you need to check for it.

6. Take Care of Your Windows

Everyone loves the natural light filtering through. The pollen that goes flying throughout the Spring and Summer can dirty your window. A ton of other things make your windows look unclean, and summer is the perfect time to make them glimmer again.

As you are cleaning your windows, it may be a good idea to swap out your screens. If they are not that dirty, then you can find a solid cleaning solution to make it nice. You will need to take your screens off to do this.

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