Monthly Home Maintenance Checklist

For most Americans, our home and property is our biggest investment. We spend long hours working so we can pay our mortgage, maintain our homes, and pay off other bills. If you spend a couple days a month doing some maintenance around your home, you will have fewer problems all around. To keep your home value high, here is our monthly home maintenance checklist:

Rid Your Home of Moisture

Water impacts the integrity of your home more than any other element. If you don’t have rain gutters on your home, you need to install them as soon as possible. Gutters direct water off of your roof which helps prevent fungus and mold growth. They also direct water away from your home’s foundation. If you already have gutters, make sure to clean out all of the leaves and buildup. Otherwise, your gutters can’t do their job.

Rid House of Moisture

Check your roof for leaks every month to prevent serious damages. The quicker you discover a leak, the easier it will be to fix. Going up in your attic is a great way to see entryways for water. It’s also a good idea to sand around your yard in areas where it’s beginning to collect water. This will prolong the life and look of your grass.

Prep Your Pool

Winter has passed! This past winter Florida actually experienced some cool weather. But not for long. Spring is here and summer is on the way. Which means It’s time to prep your pool!! If you have children, you want to check on a monthly basis that the pool and surrounding area is safe for them to use. You’ll need to treat the water, check and replace valves and filters, and inspect all the equipment. This maintenance should be done monthly, whether you are using your pool or not. Keep your pool healthy and happy all year round, and you’ll have less work to do.

Prep Pool

Scrub a Dub Dub

It might sound strange to give your house a bath but believe us, it’s not! It’s very beneficial. Cleaning your homes outside walls, windows, and roof prevents heavy soiling from happening. This helps with your home’s appeal and strength. You’ll want to scrub your patio or deck, as well. You can use a pressure cleaner on your driveway and sidewalks.

Replace Filters

You should replace your A/C Filter(s) every one to two months. How often you should replace your A/C Filter depends on a few things:

  • the type of air filter you are using
  • the overall indoor air quality
  • how many pets are in the home
  • the number of people occupying the home
  • the level of air pollution and construction around the home

Take these factors into consideration so you get the most efficiency out of your A/C filters. Check for any other filters in your home, like your laundry room or kitchen.  

Clean Your Floors

Cleaning your floors should obviously be done more than once a month. But a nice deep cleaning is what I’m talking about. Carpets, especially if you have pets, should be vacuumed and scrubbed with carpet cleaner. You can even throw smaller rugs into your washing machine. If you have hardwood floors, vacuum and then clean them with hardwood floor cleaner. The trick to keeping your hardwood floors shiny is buffing them dry afterward. Otherwise, you’re bound to get streaks.

Clean Your Floors

There you have it! A few tips you can use when creating your monthly home maintenance checklist. In order to keep your home happy and healthy, maintain it properly! You can even gather the family together and take care of everything in one shot. If you have any issues or need help with a roof inspection give Aastro Roofing a call at (561) 409-3280.