Roofing Guide

Summer Roof Maintenance

We continually talk about how important it is to inspect your roof regularly. This is a roof maintenance tactic that can take a repair from something large to a minor repair. Here’s a few things you may want to check before it gets too hot and humid.


The shingles of your roof are its first line of defense, so if any are damaged or missing you could be looking at a leak. If shingles lift it makes it easier for water to get through to the underlayment. With storms happening here and there water and wind are sure to have beat down your roof. This means that it could possibly have worn away the grit of the asphalt shingles diminishing their effectiveness.

Just because shingles are damaged doesn’t mean they will be lifting. They still may need to be replaced especially if they are torn or creased. Not all roofs need to be replaced instead you may just need to fix a few shingles here and there, this is an important step in your roof maintenance process. 

Roof Flashing

The roof’s flashing is usually rust resistant, placed around skylights, chimneys, vents, to keep a barrier between the roof and inside. Therefore monitoring points of contact on your roof that has flashing is another way to check before they start. The summer heat can cause caulking to swell and crack. If you do see issues with caulking contact Aastro Roofing. They will help you fix this issue before it becomes a larger issue. 

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Drains and Gutters

As always, it is a good idea to ensure that your drains and gutters are clear. The obstruction of gutters and drains can cause water to overflow and create erosion within the foundation. It also leaves a great space for insects and pests to make a home. This could also cause your shingles to rot and leaks inside your home leading to even bigger problems like mold.

While this is a suggestion to clean your gutters and drains during the summer, it is a good idea to do this quite frequently. South Florida has a bunch of storms happen and this contributes to the need for cleaning it more frequently. Especially if you notice water coming off your roof and not down your drains. It is a good idea to check your gutters before a hurricane too because the extra weight from debris could cause them to fall off.

Call a roofer

If you notice something that needs fixing after inspecting your roof, call Aastro Roofing. Our team of experts can help perform roof maintenance and repair that will save you from frustration and unexpected costs.

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