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Aastro Roofing Inc is a pioneer when it comes to environmentally sound Delray Beach roofing solutions. For our environmentally conscious Delray Beach roofing clients, we generally implement green roofing systems. To do so, Aastro Roofing Inc will superimpose a green roof over an existing roof because a green roofing system is essentially an extension of an existing roof. Moreover, we will ensure that the green roof is both root repellent and waterproof. We will also install an ample drainage apparatus, in addition to filtration cloth, and a large variety of foliage to infuse your roof with an organic roofing aesthetic.

Green Roofs Save Energy and are Better for Emissions

Regardless of your choice, we recommend green roofing systems for many reasons. For instance, Aastro Roofing Inc values the insulation that green roofing systems provide. Moreover, we are aware that green roofs can serve as natural habitats for animals. We also value the remarkable ability of green roofs to absorb rainwater to nourish its vegetation, as well as the ability of green roofing systems to lower air temperature, thereby reducing the “heat island effect” that is common in industrial and commercial metropolitan areas. Furthermore, Aastro Roofing Inc values the pollution-reducing effects that green roofing systems provide by lowering CO2 emissions.

Unfortunately, despite all of the benefits that green roofing systems provide many are unaware or hesitant to adopt green roofing systems into their industrial or commercial establishments. Aastro Roofing Inc feels this is more apparent in North America. This is in stark contrast to many European countries, where we’ve seen a substantial growth in the adoption of green roofing systems. This is due primarily to support from both legislative and municipal levels of government. Moreover, countries such as Germany and France have understood the benefits as well as the financial incentives that green roofing systems can generate leading to millions of dollars of revenue being pumped into the financial sector.

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