Tile Roof Repair & Re-Roofing

Tile Roofs Replacement & Repair

Aastro Roofing Company is renowned for its tile roofing repair and tile roof replacement techniques and roofing project in Palm Beach County communities. We recommend tile roofing because there are several architectural choices to choose from. Some of the Boca Raton  tile roofing architectural styles that we provide include colonial, avant-garde, contemporary and Mediterranean.

Thus, our roofing contractors enjoy working with roof tiles due to the vast array of styles, as well as their diverse color palette. In addition to their stylish and multicolored variety, roof tiles also come in all shapes and sizes. Our tiles can be designed to be flat, round, or protrude or retract, even a shingle roof to give a concave or convex effect. Hence, Aastro Roofing Inc appreciates the diversity that only tile roofing can provide.

Tile roofs were observed in the course of the arena for millennia with the earliest observed in ancient Greece. Resistant to hail, heat, moisture and insects, concrete and clay tile bears the test of time. Most tile roofs outlast the systems they were established on and always look like a new roof. Tile Roofing offers many blessings over different roofing types. The look of tile roofs are timeless and can be normal to supplement any building fashion. Roofing tiles are available in several styles of coloration and styles, permitting you to create the appearance you want, for instance a shingle roof. Tile roof replacement can help conserve energy due to the fact that air can flow beneath the loosely laid concrete or clay tile making homes warmer in the iciness and cooler in the summer season.

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    tile roofing repair in Boca Raton

    Why Choose Aastro Tile Roof Replacement 

    Aastro Roofing Inc roofing project installs tile roofs using high quality manufacturing processes. Tile roofing is a favorite in Boca Raton and many other areas of Palm Beach County.

    Advantages of Tile Roofs:

    1. Superior sturdiness
    2. Attractive Appearance
    3. Easy to maintain
    4. Extremely fire resistant
    5. Cost Effective
    6. Multi-layered advanced roofing system for increased protection

    Tile Roof Replacement Services

    Moreover, as your roofing contractor we recommend on roofing project concrete or clay tile roofing materials as replacement for their lightweight structure. Our roofers also appreciate durability of roof tiles as roofing materials, in addition to the fact that roof tiles are energy efficient and involve very little maintenance for decades on end.

    In addition, our roof tiles are also resistant to the elements. Aastro Roofing Company concrete or clay tile roofing is resistant to wind, hail, and snow. One of the reasons why concrete or clay tiles are so revered by us is due to the proven track record of tile roofs in the Boca Raton, Delray Beach and Deerfield Beach area as roofing materials. In fact, tiles have proven their resistance against the elements in the South Florida area for 50 years up to a century.

    tile roof replacement and tile roof repair in Boca Raton and Deerfield Beach

    tile roof replacement Boca Raton resistant to wind & hail.


    If you do decide to choose tile re-roofing as your roofing choice, Aastro Roofing Company strongly recommends the use of concrete or clay tile for several reasons. For one, we are well aware of the impressive longevity that clay and concrete tiles provide. Studies conducted in the Boca Raton roofing community have revealed that clay and concrete tiles can last up to a century under optimal conditions. If those results weren’t impressive enough, tile roofing has shown to be very cost-effective.

    There are several advantages to using tiles as your roofing solution, including their remarkable durability, diversity, and cost-effectiveness.

    There are several advantages to using tiles as your roofing solution, including their remarkable durability, diversity, and cost-effectiveness.

    Tile Roof Repair Contractors

    If you are having issues with leaks in your tile roofs, Aastro Roofing are the leading tile roof repair contractors in Boca Raton services all of Palm Beach and Broward Counties for tile roof repair and leaky tile roof inspections. We never charge for an inspection. If you have a leaky roof, simply call us anytime and we will send out one of our roofing experts to assess your roofing issues. Our roofing company is centrally located in Boca Raton and offers tile roofing repair services for all the surrounding areas. It can be very tricky trying to diagnose and repair a tile roof system. Many roofing company workers will try to put a band-aid on the problem and give you a worthless guarantee. But at Aastro Roofing Company in Boca Raton, we specialize in tile roofs repair. We never try to cut corners when it comes to fixing a leaking tile roof.


    Palm Beach County Tile Roof Repair Specialists

    We are tile roofs repair contractors and we offer the best guarantee in the business. We remove the tile, the roofing underlayment, and the roofing felts to expose any bad or rotten wood that may cause a repeat of the problem if it is not addressed. Then we follow the water stains by investigating the roof deck from the attic space and the area we remove from the roof. That is why our roofing company can offer lifetime roofing repair guarantees that no other roofing contractor can. We are confident in our work and we stand behind our roofers and their work with our Aastro Roofing Lifetime Guarantee for all roofing repair. So if your tile roof is leaking and you are asking yourself, Where can I find a good roofing company in Boca Raton? Look no further than the roofing experts at Aastro Roofing Company in Boca Raton.

    Types of Tile Roofing We Repair and Re-roof:

    • Entegra Roof Tile
    • Pioneer Roof Tile
    • Monier Roof Tile
    • Redland Roof Tile
    • Boral Roof Tile
    • Eagle Roof Tile
    • Hansen Roof Tile
    • Ludowici Roof Tile
    • US Tile
    • Altusa Roof Tile
    • Crown Roof Tile
    • Much more

    Our Coverage Areas Serve Palm Beach County & Parts of Broward

    • Atlantis ​
    • Lantana
    • Belle Glade ​
    • Manalapan
    • Boca Raton
    • ​Loxahatchee Groves
    • Boynton Beach ​North Palm Beach
    • Briny Breezes ​Ocean Ridge​
    • Cloud Lake
    • ​Jupiter Inlet Colony
    • Mangonia Park
    • ​Delray Beach
    • ​Palm Beach​
    • Glen Ridge
    • ​Palm Beach Gardens
    • Golf ​Pahokee
    • ​Greenacres
    • Palm Beach Shores
    • Gulf Stream ​Palm Springs
    • ​Wellington
    • ​Lake Clarke Shores ​
    • Westlake
    • ​Lake Park
    • Haverhill
    • ​Riviera Beach
    • ​Highland Beach
    • ​Royal Palm Beach
    • ​Hypoluxo ​South Bay
    • ​Juno Beach ​
    • South Palm Beach
    • ​Jupiter
    • ​Tequesta
    • West Palm Beach
    • Lake Worth ​

    Tile Roofing Contractors

    Tile Roof Repair and Replacement Specialists

    Aastro Roofing Contractors provides roof tiles repair and replacement services in Deerfield Beach, Boca Raton and West Palm Beach. If you’re looking for the best roofing and a reliable roofing contractor with years of experience in tile roofs call us 561-529-9507

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