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Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset

Roof restoration is not just about roof repair. A roof restoration process starts with a thorough assessment of the entire roof system, including any leaks, defects, and cause for concern.


It also includes any necessary repairs to the roofing material, flashing, vents, gutters, shingles and other components. The finished product is a fully functioning roof that will last for many years to come.


Residential roof restoration can increase the life of your home’s roof by 50% or more. The repair can reduce water damage, maintenance costs, and mold growth. It is also the safest solution for the environment.


Knowing what questions to ask when choosing a roofing company can help you decide which contractor is right for you.

Before You Repair or Replace Your Existing Roof Consider Roof Restoration

A complete roof replacement can be expensive not only in labor and materials, but most particularly, the existing roof must be removed first.

Roof restoration is the process of fixing, repairing, and providing maintenance to a roof. It typically consists of removing old shingles and caulking any cracks in the seams of the roof to prevent leaks. Restoration is used to return your roof’s health to before it was damaged. Roof replacement is done when restoration cannot ensure proper functioning and long term durability of the roofing system.

A professional roofing contractor can:
• help you understand your current roofs life expectancy
• provide necessary inspection and maintenance services
• recommend the best roofing systems for your property
• explain roofing costs
• help you understand your warranty

Benefits of


Roof restoration should be a top priority for any home owner. Not only does it serve as a replacement for a failing roof, but it also repairs damage caused by the elements and severe weather.

Roof Restoration Costs Less

Roof Restoration has Tax Benefits

Extends the Life of Your Existing Roof

Environmentally Friendly

Takes Less Time than Roof Replacement

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From asphalt shingles to clay tiles, there are many different types of roofs used on homes. The type of roof you choose will depend on your needs and the area where you live.

We’ll walk you through your options to find what best fits your needs. Once you feel comfortable with your choice, we’ll begin the work and handle the installation from start to finish.




Residential Roof Repair

Roofing is a very important part of a home, and when it starts to leak, it can be devastating.
Aastro specializes in residential roof replacement. Schedule a FREE roof inspection today.


Residential Roof Replacement

Considering residential roof replacement? It’s important to make sure you’re taking care of your roof and that it’s in good shape. We’ll walk you through your roofing options.


Residential Roof Restoration

Roof restoration is the process of fixing, repairing, and providing maintenance to a roof. Aastro will help you understand what roof restoration can do for your home.





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