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So what are the popular roof types in Florida and are they made to resist hurricanes?

Florida presents a unique climate from the rest of the US.  It is warm, tropical and humid and there are storms that many of the other states never have to worry about. For those that live in Florida, these are just another day, but to your roof, it has to be as unique as the Floridian.  Your roof types in Florida will endure super hot sun, crazy tropical storms and high temperatures along with humidity that is torture to a roof. So, when getting a new roof or looking at a new roof, you should keep these things in mind.  Let’s take a look at the materials that a new roof could be made out of in Florida that will stand these conditions. 

Composite Shingles

Composite shingles act as a roofing system.  Meaning they connect together to ensure that the entire system is sturdy and strong against any wind or rain that is thrown at it. When installed correctly a composite shingle roof can last up to 20-50 years. However, if it is not installed correctly it could last only a 10 or so years.  That is why it is so important to have a qualified roofing company do your shingle work for you. These shingles are usually made from asphalt that is mixed with fiberglass, which is perfect for stopping mold and mildew growth on the roof. This is one of the more inexpensive roofing systems.

Clay or Concrete Tile

Clay or concrete tile is a very popular option for a roof in Florida.  This is a more expensive option but is the most resistant to mold and mildew which is the biggest cause of roof rot in Florida.  With the high humidity, it is important to keep the roof from rotting and clay will do just that. However, this is not only an expensive option, but it also needs to have the infrastructure of the roof built for its weight.  Clay or concrete roofs are quite heavy and the structure will need to be built for it.

Single-ply roofing systems

These are systems that can be used both in commercial and residential roofs. They are light in color so they reflect the sun’s rays and help reflect the sun’s heat as well. These can be used on roofs with a low slope.  They are inexpensive but will need to be cleaned from time to time as they are light in color. There is maintenance with this style of roof.  

Choosing Roof Types in Florida

When looking for a roof for your Florida home and business you need to find one that is right for your style of building.  It should release the sun’s energy as much as possible and not absorb the heat of the Florida sun. Florida has a unique climate that needs to be taken into consideration when looking at the various roofing materials. Be sure that the home is built for the style of roof you are looking for as well.  Remember that clay roofs, for example, are heavy and the roofing structure will have to be built to support such weight. You need a roof that will protect your building during the storms that we see in Florida as well. Talk to a qualified roofing contractor to determine what your building’s roof should be.

Choosing what your roof is made from is a huge decision. This decision should be discussed with your roofing contractor. If you already have a roof, you can always go with what the materials are for that roof.  However, if you are looking at a new build,there are many options to choose from. Deciding which option is best for you, is your decision. However, if you have any questions or concerns, you should speak to a qualified roofing specialist.  A roofing contractor works in roofs all day long. And, if they are local to you, they are in Florida as well and understand what your roof is going to endure. This is important as there is no one type fits all solution.

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Go with Aastro, A Local Roofing Company

Should you have just endured a storm, be sure that you do go with a local guy.  There are construction companies that chase storms to “help” with the damages. These companies are often fly by night companies that do not have reputations to uphold.  They will come in and do your roofing project and leave without notice. This means that in five years when your new roof starts to fail you are out of luck. Speak with a Aastro Roofing Company, a qualified local company to get the best service and warranty for the job. 

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