4 Roof Maintenance Tips

Residents of South Florida know the harsh effect direct sunlight can have on the surface of their homes cracks, fading, melting, etc. The heat is great in the wintertime when other family members and friends are shoveling snow, but when it comes to outside maintenance the sun can be brutal.

However, consistent roof maintenance is crucial when it comes to elongating the lifetime of your roof. Shingle roofing can last upwards of 25 years and metal roofing can last up to 50 years. But when the blazing sun is beating down on it 365 days a year, the lifetime of your roof can significantly decrease.

Roof inspections and continual upkeep are two ways you can maintain your roof year-round. Read on to find out the best roof maintenance tips for your home.

Inspect Shingles

Homes with shingle roofing need consistent inspections, especially in South Florida as damaged shingles can cause a roof leak. Luckily, shingles have two distinct signs of trouble: buckling and curling. Curling shingles will curl at the edges, lifting away from the roof. Buckling shingles buckle in the center creating a gap between the shingle and the roof.

As for metal roof maintenance, continual inspections are still important. You should look for scratches and abrasions from trees, as well as any grease or dirt buildup. As long as you are inspecting your roof on a seasonal basis (and anytime a major storm hits) then you can identify the problem and contact a roof maintenance company before it gets worse.

Clean Your Gutters

Another roofing maintenance tip is to clean your gutters. It’s recommended to inspect your roof every fall and spring, and when you do so make sure to clean your gutters, too. During this time, you can check your roof for algae, as this is a sign that there is water build-up. Additionally, check for rust and examine the flashing to make sure it’s solid.

While cleaning your gutters is a helpful tip for aesthetic curbside appeal purposes, it is also a good time to check your roof for anything out of the ordinary.

Check Insulation

At first glance, insulation and roofing do not seem to match. However, your roof and attic work together to properly insulate your entire house. Proper ventilation comes up and through the roof, but improper insulation can cause moisture and heat to become trapped in the attic. This added condensation can lead to roof leaks and energy loss of up to 25%.

There is “winter weather” in South Florida, and because of this, proper attic insulation is very important. Whenever you perform a roof inspection, take the time to inspect your attic, too.

Plan, Plan, Plan

While this can apply to residential homes, it more so applies to commercial roofing maintenance. Commercial roofing upkeep can seem overwhelming, but a set plan can help ease the burden. Similar to residential roofing, inspect your business’ roof at least twice a year. During these inspections, check for any signs of damage, as well as any foul play like vandalism, fires, or any other destruction.

Also, make sure to fix any problems right away. Many business owners make the mistake of putting off repairs, which often leads to worse and more expensive damage long-term. Our qualified roofing contractors can quickly inspect and fix the issue, working with contractors and architects to ensure that any commercial roof maintenance remains in-line with your building’s architecture.

Improper roof maintenance can cost you in the long run. If you find anything questionable or concerning, contact the roofing contractors at Aastro Roofing. We can perform a professional inspection, and tailor a solution to match. Contact us today at (561) 409-3280 for a free estimate!