5 Ways To Protect Your Home During Roof Installation

Getting your roof repaired or having a new roof put on is a major undertaking. A new roof is both one of your home’s largest expenses as well as one of its greatest, most valuable assets. It’s not something that you want to cut corners on. If, however, you’re getting a roof put on your already finished home, you may be concerned with doing damage to the exterior. If so, here are 3 ways to protect your home during roof installation.

Move Your Car(s)

Contractors need to have quick and easy access to their tools, so it’s probably smart to offer them a prime parking spot. Sorry Mom and Dad, but yes, this means you may need to walk a few extra steps to get to your car in the morning. But remember, it’s a necessary concession! You’ll want to keep your cars a safe distance from this area until work is completed. You should also keep your garage doors closed during construction to keep out dust and debris.

Move Your Cars

Take Down All Your Wall Decorations

The vibrations from hammers and machinery on your roof may travel through some walls of your home, especially if repairs to the existing deck are needed.

  • Walk through the rooms on the level below your roof
  • Consider any knick-knacks, pictures, or other items that are hanging from your ceiling or walls
  • As a precaution, remove any decorations that aren’t permanently secured with screws

You may also choose to remove decorative light fixtures like chandeliers to play it safe.

Don’t Forget About The Stuff In The Attic

During a roof replacement, numerous installers will be walking on your roof and pounding it with hammers. Dust or small debris will fall in attic spaces during a new roof installation.

You can keep some of your more important personal items clean and covered with old sheets. But be prepared to do some light vacuuming in these areas after construction is complete.

Move Your Patio Furniture

A shed or garage is the best place to store outside items like grills, patio furniture, lawn ornaments, and potted plants while your new roof is installed. If you don’t have on-site storage, you may want to put these items together in an area of the yard that is a safe distance from the work zone. Keep in mind that most contractors will not help you move any personal items inside or outside the home.

Do Your Landscaping Before Construction Begins

Any tree branches that hang low near your roof will need to be trimmed before your contractor can begin work. Your contractor should use drop cloths to protect plants and grass in the immediate perimeter of your home, but you need to cut the grass a day before construction begins.Landscaping

Short grass will help keep fallen debris from hiding in your lawn, making cleanup faster and more thorough.


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