7 Types of Roofs








Roofs play a vital role in protecting your home from the detrimental effects of the weather. This is why it is important that you give enough time to go over your choices carefully in terms of roofing design, material, and shape, among others. Picking the type of roof for your home is a lot harder than it looks. There are different varieties to choose from, and each one is special in its own way.

Here are 7 of the most common types of roofs.

Gable roof
One of the simplest types of roof is the gable roof. It has an inverted V shape. It can adapt to different types of weather conditions since debris like snow can simply slide down the roof. It is not suitable for areas that experience strong winds since they can easily catch it just like the sail of a boat. It has other varieties such as the gambrel gable and the cross-gable.

Gambrel roof
This type of roof is similar to the gable roof only that one of its sides is steeper. Its design was inspired by the Dutch culture. Its gable ends are vertical that hangs over the front of the house. This type of design is usually seen in barns.

Flat roof
Flat roofs are quite easy to identify. Their main advantage is that they are very easy to build and doesn’t require parallel or perpendicular walls. They have a shallow pitch which is around 1-2 degrees. Unfortunately, they are only suitable for dry areas since they have no slope. This may cause water and debris to accumulate on the roof.

Hip roof
The hip roof is a type of roof that is commonly seen in residential areas. It harder to build than gable roofs and flat roofs because the structure of their rafter and truss is more complex. The hip roof doesn’t have vertical roof lines and contains 4 sloping sides. They can be square or rectangular in shape.

Mansard roof
If you want to have extra storage or bedroom space at the top of your house, the mansard roof is for you. This design was inspired by the French. It has 4 slopes, two on every side of your home. The lower slope is more vertical and steeper. It is quite similar to the gable roof.

A-frame roof
This type of roof has an A-shaped structure, steep and triangular. It is suitable for the cold weather since rain and snow can simply slide down its steep slope. Houses that utilize this type of roof are quite small but contains a big window space.

Green roof
The green roof is a modern type of roof which aims to improve the energy consumption of your home. It is a flat roof that is covered with vegetation, grass or plants that is resistant to drought. The green roof effectively manages the temperature of your home because of its structure.

No matter what type of roof you pick for your home, you must make sure that construction is done properly. Seek the help of an expert roofer such as Aastro Roofing who can help you choose and build the best type of roof for your home. Call us today for a free estimate- (561) 409-3280