Don’t Be Fooled by Tile Underlayment: Is Installation Done Properly?

It is important that when getting tile underlayment installation done in your own home, that you know the process well. Some companies will claim to convince you that they are experts in tile underlayment, as they rely on the fact that you wouldn’t be able to know the difference between a good job and a bad one. After all, you’re hiring them because you’re not an expert.

Yet, even if you’re not a professional in the field, you can always have at least a few indicators that the installation of tile underlayment is done correctly:

Proper Tools

What’s a successful job without its tools? Before doing anything, make sure that the roofing expert brings a ladder, a utility knife, corrosion-resistant nails, a hammer, a carpenter’s level, a tape measure, and a chalk line. It is also very important to have the manufacturer’s guidelines for the preferred underlayment you chose. This will be ideal, as you should install the tile roofs quickly after the underlayment installation.

The Process

To start, the roofing underlayment should be unrolled in the same length to reach the roof where the segments meet. With the utility knife, the underlayment should be cut. It should then be nailed to the sheathing with the corrosion-resistant nails so that it is great enough to infiltrate at least 3 to 4 inches into the sheathing. The nails should be spaced 12 inches apart along the external edge of the underlayment.

Horizontally 5 feet of the underlayment should be unrolled so that one long edge is even with the bottom edge of the roof. Using the carpenter’s level, the underlayment should be arranged so that is properly square and level. Secure the bottom edge with the same nails as mentioned in the previous step. The nails should be spaced 24 inches apart. The top edge, however, should be secured with nails separate of 36 inches.

Continue unrolling the underlayment and adjust accordingly. The adding of underlayment should be continued until the row is finished, and so forth. When getting to the last length, it should be folded at least 6 inches over the peak. It is critical to secure that edge on the opposing side of the roof, with nails separated 12 inches apart before finally sealing.

Hiring Experts

It is very important to constantly be on the lookout that things are done properly on your roof. Individuals hired for roofing services may at times miss something or skip a step. Although this work is indeed done on the roof of your home, it wouldn’t hurt checking up on them whenever possible.

Tile underlayment can get expensive if you do not hire the correct roofing experts. If you do not know what a successful underlayment installation looks like, you may have issues such as misplacement and an unstable roof on the long-term. This will then cause you to spend more money on repairs.

Whether it is a tile installation, roof maintenance, or roofing repairs, you should always hire the right people. This is why Aastro roofing experts are here to help. We are dedicated to extraordinary and efficient work at all times. Contact us now to learn more.