Fire Suppression and Your Roof: What’s the Deal?

With wildfires continuously happening in parts of California today, it’s only natural to talk about fire suppression. There are many possible causes of fire such as lightning strikes, unexpected fire from neighboring lots, or even arson. Your home is not just your biggest investment, it is your most valuable one. You have to make sure that your home is where you and your family feel safest.

Fire suppression is always better than having to put out the fire. Luckily, you can always take necessary precautions by making your roof fireproof:

Fire Resistant Roofing

Fire resistant roofing is a good choice if you don’t want to invest too much money on roofing, and still get the job done. You can even choose from a variety of roofing shingles to see which one will best suit your budget and style.

Note, however, that the quality and price are always based on the kind of fire it can handle. There are resistant shingles that can only resist mild fire exposure, but there are also those that can withstand even the most severe fires. The most resistant ones typically contain fiberglass which can withstand the harshest fire conditions like asphalt shingles.

External Sprinkler System

This is rather costly and you end up spending more, rather than focusing on choosing better fire-resistant roofing. In an external sprinkler system, there are sprinklers installed on parts of your roof, including the lawn. It is more expensive, as it requires the installation of an entire system.

There is also an added hassle, as standard external sprinkler systems must be turned on manually. This might not be best if you tend to panic in stressful situations. With an external sprinkler system, your roof will not exactly be fire resistant but will help with fire suppression.


For those who are less inclined to invest, the only best way to have a fire-proof roof is really prevention. Focus on your landscaping. Always make sure they are neat and tidy. Clear out branches or shrubs at least a hundred feet near your home. Also, make sure that flammable materials, as well as airborne combustible particles, are kept at a distance from the property. This will cost you virtually nothing, but it may definitely help in keeping your property free from danger.

All of these options are good, even perfect if done altogether. However, if you’re going to invest in your home and are still maintaining a budget, the best choice is really prevention and a fire-resistant roof!

There are many options and classes of fire-proof roofing to choose from. You are never out of options when it comes to choosing one that suits your designed home aesthetic. You don’t have to invest in another more expensive system because your roofing is enough to starve the flames and keep your home safe.

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