The Four Biggest Advantages of Green Roofs

The Four Biggest Advantages of Green Roofs

Green roofs have become far more popular recently. The tops of Chicago City Hall and the Ford Rouge Center are green. Recently, the city of San Francisco passed a law which states that between 15-30% of all new roofs must be green. In our part of the world, green roofs are underappreciated which is a shame. As part of our service to you, we have made a list of the four biggest advantages of having a green roof.

  1. They Deal with Storms Better

We have been in South Florida for a very long time, and we know how unpredictable the weather here can be. Storms are all but a given, and not every home can sustain the massive amount of punishment a hurricane can bring. Water run-offs put a ton of pressure on gutters, and in some cases, can result in flooding around your home. Green roofs retain between 60-100% of the water from a storm.

This also has benefits for the community. In some cases, excess run-off has been known to lead to sewer discharges. Additionally, run-off water is not potable, and excess water takes longer to purify.

  1. Lower Heat and Air Conditioning Costs

A green roof is an additional layer of insulation. This means that it is easier to keep hot or cold air in. Down here in South Florida, that will greatly reduce the cost of air conditioning in the summer. This also works for ventilation. If there is air moving inside of your house, you can be fairly sure that it will not escape through the roof.

Plants also absorb a lot of sunlight. Some of the sunlight that is not absorbed is reflected, which means that your home is not facing as much warmth. This layer of greenery can help reduce the temperature of your home by as much as three degrees.

  1. Longevity

A green roof provides an extra layer of protection for the roof underneath it. This means that the roof will last longer. Plants naturally renew themselves, and it is far harder to eliminate a section of grass or a shrub than it is a few tiles. The plants above your head are a natural guard against wind, rain, hail, and the like.

The addition of a green roof means that you will not have to redo your roof for many years, if at all. A green roof can be expected to last at least as long as the house. You should not think of a green roof as just a way to make your house look nicer – it is an investment into your home.

  1. Added Value

This is a culmination of all of the other points. Your roof will deal with weather better, will decrease costs of the house, and last longer. All of these add tremendous value to your home. Here in South Florida, the real estate market is always hopping with activity, and the addition of a green roof could be the difference in a good price for your home and a great one.

If you have any questions about green roofs or roofing in general, give us a call. At Aastro Roofing, we want you to love the roof over your head. Call us today at (561) 409-3280.