The Grass Roofing Trend: Is it Right for You?

Grass roofing is something you may picture in Scandinavia, but it is increasingly becoming a popular addition to homes across the world – including the United States. These roofs are attractive, eco-friendly, and a great conversation starter in the neighborhood. But do they really work in Florida? Is the grass roofing trend right for you?

The Benefits of a Grass Roof

Grass roofing, also known as green roofing, certainly has its benefits. Having a living, breathing ecosystem on your roof is a great way to make maximum use of your home’s spaces. After all, what better place to enjoy a sunny South Florida day than lounging with a blanket and a cool drink on your lush, grass roof, right?

Beyond the aesthetic appeal, grass roofs are great for adding insulation to a home. The grass, as well as the topsoil underneath it, are great at absorbing the ambient heat from the sun, meaning, a grass roof may help you reduce your home’s energy costs. Like the insulating properties of grass and soil, a grass roof provides an effective buffer from sudden changes in temperatures. Admittedly, in South Florida, we don’t experience drastic and sudden variations in temperatures, but in colder climes, this can be a real plus.

Grass roofing also allows for the planting of plants on the roof, which can be useful for gardening. In addition, the plants may help retain excess rainwater and return some of it back to the atmosphere through evaporation.

grass roofThe Downsides of a Grass Roof

So, a grass roof is a great insulator and has a real rustic charm to it. But, is it practical in Florida? That depends on how much you are willing to accept in terms of a downside. Grass roofing, for example, requires its own separate drainage system apart from your typical home drainage. That’s because the water which would normally simply drain out of the gutters will filter through the turf differently, which could lead to leaks in the roof if not properly maintained.

Having a rooftop grass patch also needs constant maintenance. This is especially true in a place like Florida, where grasses can grow extremely quickly, meaning you would need to constantly lug your lawn mower up and down from the roof or hire a contractor to do it for you.

One of the biggest issues with a grass roof, however, is the damage they might cause to your home. Beyond the risk of water seeping in if not maintained correctly, grass on the roof acts a micro-ecosystem, meaning a whole host of creepy crawlies and other pests may take up residence on your roof and possibly invade your home.

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