Have A Leaky Roof? Read this.

Leaky roof tips by Boca Raton Roofing Contractors

Rain is expected and welcome here, even in sunny South Florida, but a cloud in the sky does not portend good news for everyone. As a homeowner, you want the rain to stay outside as much as possible, and when you hear that drip drip drip, you groan. It is a natural reaction, after all. There are a few things you can do to minimize the damage. It is incredibly important that you proceed immediately, as a leak that you consider trivial can cause massive problems down the road.

Minimize Interior Damage

The first thing you need to do is to find the wettest spot in the ceiling. Remove any furniture that is under the spot and cover anything that cannot be moved with plastic so that it is not damaged. Pursuant to physics, water will try to come down, and will find multiple escape routes over time. This may make the issue seem far worse than it is. It is advisable to take a screwdriver and punch a small hole in the bulge, so that water has a way to drain. While it seems a bit counterintuitive to punch a hole in your ceiling, the weight of the water could cause a big rupture and ruin the structural integrity of the ceiling, in which case you will have a far larger problem. You ought to put a bucket under the new hole to collect the water. If the dripping sound annoys you, you can put a board in the bucket to dull the sound.

Contain the Leak
It is not a good idea to fix the leak yourself unless you really, really know what you are doing. There are a few steps you can take to help yourself, however, until the cavalry arrives. The first thing you can do is find the source of the leak, by going to your attic and checking everything. You need to keep in mind that the leak and the place where the water is pooling are not necessarily the same place. Once you have found the leak, you can place a tarp over it, if you feel like scaling the roof of your home. Should you feel like staying inside your home, a quick trip to the local home improvement store will yield roofing cement or tape. Applying these to the leak, both on the inside or outside, will help you deal with this problem only temporarily.

Call a Professional
Even if you have done as much as you can, the roof will not fix itself. You would not trust a roofing contractor who had never done this before, so it does not make sense to attempt to do this if you have no experience. Once they have arrived, it is important to communicate clearly with them and explain your predicament. It is especially important to get them to your home quickly, as a delay of even one day could mean catastrophic structural damage or a festering mold problem. It is critical that these roofing experts have experience working on leaks, as well. If you need an experienced roofer in the Boca Raton, Deerfield or Delray Beach, Florida, then give us a call. 1-561-409-3280.