What You Need To Know About Picking Shingle Colors For Your Roof

Shingles are by far the most popular type of roofing material. They’re relatively cheap and come in a number of different varieties. Here’s our 101 guide to picking shingle colors.

Your Roof

Your roof accounts for about 40% of your home’s visual exterior, so it deserves as much consideration as you’d devote to its interior design. The higher your roof’s pitch (or the greater its slope) the more shingles you’ll be able to see from street level. When you’re selecting your roofing shingles it’s important to choose a color profile that will enhance your home’s architectural style and draw the eye upward toward any special details, like dormers and gables. Color is a critically important factor. Not only does it have a psychological effect (calming, soothing, exciting, etc.) on us, it can serve other purposes that we’ll explore more fully below.

Consider Climate and Geography

In the past, light-colored asphalt shingles weren’t as prevalent in the humid southern climate. But over the last few decades several types of shingle-roofing-materials have been developed that can actually play a significant role in insulating your home to keep you cooler in the Summers and warmer in the Winters.

Shingle Colors 101

Should You Go Light Or Dark?

This, for most people, is a primary concern. It’s important to know that black shingles are typically about 10 degrees warmer than white ones. But, when it comes to other colors, like blues, grays, and browns, color variations don’t make that much of a difference in terms of temperature.

Don’t Forget About Lighting

In the American North, natural sunlight has a cool, bluish cast to it; the farther south you go, the warmer and more reddish the character of the light becomes. The same color blend of cool greys and icy blues that looks so fantastic on a home in New England might look washed out in the orange sunset glow of the Desert Southwest or the tropical light of Florida.

Use Complementary Color Schemes

Perfect matching the side of your house to the colors on your roof is usually not a great idea. It comes off as looking too matchy-matchy. Like someone wearing an all-denim suite. You should consider using complementing, or even sometimes, contrasting colors on your roof as on the color of your home’s exterior walls.


KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid! This is almost always a good rule of thumb, and picking shingle colors for your roof is no exception. This is especially true if/whenever your home has colorful or vibrantly colored exterior walls. Again, think of it like clothing: You can look good wearing a vibrantly colored shirt so long as you keep the color of your pants somewhat simple or neutral colored (and visa-versa) but wearing both a colorful shirt and colorful pants, just as having both a vibrant roof and vibrantly colored exterior walls, can come off looking a bit ridiculous.


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