Are There Problems With Solar Panels on Roofs?

Solar panels are one of the most common types of environmentally friendly roof components out there. They are good for the environment and cost-efficient in that they save you money on your electric bill every month. However, when it comes to the foundation and health of your roof, solar panels can cause many issues if they are not installed correctly. Read on for more information on possible problems with solar panels on roofs.

Do Solar Panels Damage Your Roof?

It’s important to note that solar panels in themselves do not cause roof damage. If solar panels are installed correctly, it’s unlikely that you will experience complications. However, these things do happen, and we’re here to prepare you and educate you on what you might be getting into.

Solar panels installed on an unhealthy and improperly maintained roof is bound to cause some problems. Solar professionals will inspect your roof before installing the panels. If they determine that your roof is strong enough and well taken care of, they will move forward with the installation. If the inspector notices damages and proceeds with the installation without advising you to repair your roof, that’s when things start to go wrong.

Leaking Roof

If your roof leaks after installing solar panels, it can be for these two main reasons. 1) the solar professional ignored obvious damages or 2) the solar professional caused new damages and failed to inform the homeowner. For instance, loose shingles or missing flashing are all crucial roof components. If damaged, your roof can begin to leak. This results in costly repairs and replacement, after already spending a steep bill for solar panels.

Do Solar Panels Protect Your Roof?

When solar panels are installed, a professional raise the panels above the roof, instead of placing them directly on the roof’s surface. This airflow keeps debris off of your roof and keeps the surface cooler.

Solar electrical systems also shade your roof from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Plus, the panels protect your roof from environmental elements like rain and snow, if you live in a place with harsh winters. These harmful rays coupled with the weather elements, determine the lifetime of your roof. Therefore, the extra layer of protection does, in fact, prevent environmental damages to your roofing system.

Reasons Not To Go Solar

Most homeowners don’t go solar for these reasons:

  • Purchasing and installing solar panels is expensive.
  • The technology won’t last.
  • They aren’t educated on government incentives.
  • They don’t understand how solar works.

All of these reasons are understandable, but they are also surface level. Once educated on solar panels, their purpose, and the benefits, most homeowners are willing to take the plunge into solar.

Reasons To Go Solar

It’s only fair that we mention reasons why going solar is a good thing. Solar energy benefits the environment, saves you money in the long run, provides power when utility providers don’t have any, can be used at any time during the day, and of course, solar power is the future of electricity.

Solar panels are an investment. However, in many cases, they are worth the price. Protecting the environment and saving you money on electric are two main concerns of homeowners. If you are looking to install solar panels, give Aastro Roofing a call for a proper roof inspection before you get started.