Rain Gutters: 4 Common Repairs

Correct gutter maintenance is one of the most effective ways to prevent expensive water damages to your home. Rain gutters do more than you probably think. They collect water and guide it away from your home, preventing water damage, basement flooding, and even serious damage to your home’s foundation.

With over 30 years of roofing experience, we know what common repairs you should look out for. Read on to learn more about the common gutter repairs and what you can do to fix them.

Cluttered Gutters

Cluttered Gutter

By far the most common issue is caused by cluttered gutters. Neglecting to clean out branches, leaves, dirt, trash, and any other kind of debris makes your gutters completely useless. An accumulation of debris can lead to more expensive issues in the foundation of your home and even in your roof. Clogged gutters have no water flow and can create a constant overflow of water up into your roof. A collection of water can cause mold and fungus growth and loose roof shingles or tiles.

Luckily, this issue is easily preventable if you properly maintain your roof and clean your gutters. A good rule of thumb is to follow a monthly home maintenance checklist. A monthly checklist may seem excessive, but it’s better to be proactive against possible issues.

Sun Damage

Just like your roof, gutters age as the years go by. The constant Florida sun will cause your gutters to age even faster. Eventually, you will notice bending, warping, and discoloration of your gutters. When this happens, rainfall will not be properly dispersed away from your home.

To repair this, you would need to replace all of your old gutters and warped hardware. This is not an expensive repair, but it certainly can be time-consuming.

Loose Gutters

Loose Gutter

This is especially a problem during Florida’s hurricane season. Loose or hanging gutters during a hurricane can cause damage to your house and those around you. Even when storms aren’t approaching, loose gutters prevent correct water control. Again, this can cause foundation and roof issues because of water damage.

To repair loose gutters, you need to tighten or purchase new hardware. We can’t stress this enough, if your gutters aren’t in good condition, they can not effectively do their job.


Leaking Gutter

This issue is more prominent in older homes and in gutters that have had a lot of wear and tear. In gutters that aren’t seamless, the joints can form holes and leaks. Gutter leaks are common but proper maintenance can prolong the life of your gutters.

If you are handy, this is a quick fix. Leaks can be easily repaired with caulking or gutter sealant. For larger leaks, you can purchase a gutter patching kit at your local hardware store.

Rain gutters are a key component in keeping your home and roof healthy and happy. With proper maintenance, these issues can be easily avoided. But, if you find yourself with damaged gutters and needing a helping hand, contact us for a free estimate or give Aastro Roofing a call. 561.409.3280