Roof Framing 101

When you drive through a residential neighborhood, you might notice that the roofs on every house all look a little different. Since the roof framing on each one is unique, you might see variations or combinations of shed roofing, gambrel roofing, hip roofing, gable roofing, flat roofing and mansard roofing.

Right now, those words might seem foreign to you. Luckily, Aastro Roofing has over 30 years of experience and can give you the lowdown on roof framing 101. Once you know the ins and outs of the different types of roof framing systems, you can choose the right one for your home.

What Is Roof Framing?

From a quick Google search, the process of roof framing seems like a complex geometrical equation and it basically is. However, roof framing can essentially be described as the structural design that supports your roof. It can come in different shapes, and the shape depends on which of the six different types of roof frames your roof has, which includes hip, gable, flat, mansard, shed and gambrel.

The primary purpose of roofing is to protect your home from natural elements, like wind, hail, and rain. In addition to framing the roof, there are four other roofing components that need to be addressed, including underlayment, flashing, shingles or tiling, and trim.

Underlayment is the black paper-like material that seals the roof from any damaging elements. Flashing refers to the metal pieces on a roof that divert water from divots where it can collect and lead to leaks. Shingles, or tiling, are types of roofing that make up the outermost part of the roof.

Certain roof types can protect your home from all sorts of weather better than others. That is why Aastro Roofing recommends tile roofing in Delray Beach, Deerfield Beach and Boca Raton, as it has consistently helped homes in these South Florida areas withstand any radical weather. Finally, there’s the trim which protects any seams in the roof.

The frame of your roof will affect the integrity and structure of your roof, and certain framing is better for South Florida’s climate than others. In addition, the framing of your roof will set the architectural style of your home.

What Are The Different Types Of Roof Framing?

As mentioned, there are six main types of roof framing: gable, hip, flat, shed, mansard and gambrel. Each serves a different purpose, and each has pros and cons.

  • Gable roofing: Gable roofs are pitched, and therefore shed water faster and better than other types of roofing. It also allows for more attic space, which is convenient in Florida since most houses don’t have basements. However, because of the height and angle of this style of roofing, it is less able to withstand high winds and hurricanes if not properly installed.
  • Hip roofing: More stable than gable roofs, hip roofs have slopes on all four sides of the roof and come together to form a ridge. There is more attic space with hipped roofing, but because of the design, it can lead to problem areas where water might collect.
  • Flat roofing: As the name suggests, flat roofing is flat, and it is often used on commercial buildings. It can also be used in residential housing as an outdoor living space. However, it’s not a suggested style in Florida where there is year-round heavy rainfall.
  • Shed roofing: Shed roofing is commonly used for sheds, not housing. Depending on the use for your shed, this style of roofing can come in a variety of pitches that range from steep to flat.
  • Mansard roofing: Mansard roofing is unique compared to the other types of roof framing, as it is a four-sided roof with double slopes on each side that form a lower-pitched roof. This style allows for extra living space. However, because of its flat-top style, it’s not ideal for tropical, rainy places like South Florida.
  • Gambrel roofing: Gambrel roofing is similar to the mansard in both added space and design, but it only has two sides instead of four. This roofing is most similar to a barn-style roof, but because of its open design, it is less stable in areas that experience heavy wind.

Your home’s roof is an integral part of its structure. While you want your home to be a safe place, you shouldn’t have to compromise an aesthetic design in the process. The team at Aastro Roofing can inspect, make recommendations and install roofing for your home, all at a fair and affordable price. Contact us today at (561) 409-3280.