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Seven of the Most Common Roof Problems

7 Signs You’ve Got A Roof Problems

It’s not easy being a homeowner. There’s almost always something to fix around the house or the to-do list never seems to end. Whatever it is, one of the most annoying problems you can run into is an issue with your roof. Today, the team from Aastro Roofing provides you with seven of the most common roof problems, so you know what to be on the lookout for when owning or renting a home for the first time.

Pooled Water Causes Roof Leaks

Pooled water can easily become a major problem if you don’t rectify the situation immediately. Pooled water happens most often on buildings with flat roofs. You need to have the roof tapered in various areas to make sure water does not pool on the roof. Water can pool throughout the year, so be sure to check for puddles in corners and even in the middle of the roof. For a simple do-it-yourself roofing tip, you can remove the water with a “wet vacuum” or leaf blower.

Leaks Cause Roof Problems

As you might expect, leaks are common roof issues that thousands of people across Florida deal with every year. Leaks are caused by missing or broken shingles, roof flashings, broken slates, and cracked tiles. Leaks are often found near the chimney, in corners, near skylights, near pipes, and vents, near gutters, in low spots, and other areas of the roof.

Blistering and Cracking

As your roof ages, it can begin developing cracks and blisters. If you do not address these issues, water can enter the home, causing a lot of damage and mold growth. The types of roofs that most susceptible to cracking and blistering are those with multiple layers that have been built up over a flat surface.

Clogged Gutters Cause Backup Which leads to Roof Problems

A clogged gutter can cause a lot of roof problems. That’s why you should have the gutters of your home cleaned multiple times per year or have a guard installed to prevent debris from accumulating in them. Gutters that are broken, cracked, or missing can also damage your roof.

Damage from Trees Cause Huge Roof Problems

Do a lot of tree limbs hang down over your home’s roof? If so, you need to have them trimmed back to prevent damage to the roof. Tree limbs that rub against your roof shingles on a daily basis can cause them to fall off or crack apart. A tree limb that crashes onto your roof in one of Florida’s summer storms can also do a lot of damage to your roof.

Faulty Installation Will Cause Some Roof Problems

There’s nothing worse than finding out your roof has damage or is failing because of a faulty installation job. You likely paid a pretty penny for that new roof, and now you have to shell out more money to fix the problem. That’s why you should only hire an experienced, trusted, and licensed roofing contractor for any and all roofing-related projects for your home or business.

Animals & Critters Tend To Make Themselves a Homeroof problems in Delray Beach a Tin Roof

Animals can cause a lot of problems for your roof. Squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, birds, and even bugs can leave behind a lot of damage to your roof. Take care of these pests before they wind up costing you too much money.

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