Spring Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Roof in Great Condition

It is time to wipe the winter away with some spring cleaning? In South Florida especially, it is very important to take the time to make sure your roof is in great condition before the hurricane season starts and the winds start shaking things up. So here are our spring cleaning tips.

Remove the Branches Over the Roof

Start the roof cleaning process with pruning any nearby branches that may be shedding leaves all over the roof and clogging up gutters.  There is a simple reason to start with pruning. If you start with the gutters and then prune you will end up having to clean the gutters a second time as debris is likely to find its way to the gutters while pruning.  The rule of thumb is to keep branches about 10 feet away from your roof.

roof spring cleaning tipsMoss, Leaves, and Dirt

Next on the list is an overview of the roof. Over time, moss, dirt, and debris can compromise or weaken your roof. It is a good idea to clean it up, but when cleaning your roof, avoid power washing as you may do more damage than good. There are plenty of regular cleaning methods that can help with this. The reason you want to do this as your second step is that whatever water you use to clean the roof will probably end up in the gutter and if you clean the gutter before the roof, well you get the idea.  While you are up there watch out for any loose or broken shingles, check any pipes, vents or chimneys you may have and make sure everything is undamaged. If you find any sign of damage, now is the time to fix it.

Clean Those Gutters

Now we can finally get to cleaning the gutters without worrying about having to circle back to it. Look for any weak spots and address accordingly. Clean up any clogs you may find in order to avoid future water damage, but avoid using a hose as you may cause a leak or compromise the drainage system.  Make sure they are attached properly and that there are no visible gaps or signs of damage that you need to address. Also, ensure that you take a look at the flashing and determine nothing is compromised.

You Can also Contact Aastro Roofing

South Florida’s sun can be tough to deal with; even spring temperatures can reach very uncomfortable digits. If like most people you do not relish the idea of climbing on a roof in the heat, then you are in luck. As South Florida natives with over 30 years of experience, our friendly staff at Aastro Roofing will be happy to make sure your roof is in tip-top shape and ready to handle whatever nature wants to throw at it. Give us a call anytime at (561) 623-3710 or to schedule a free estimate today.