Things Roofing Companies Wish Customers Understood About Roofs

Roofs don’t seem like a complicated topic, right? They’re something that goes on top of your house to keep you and your family dry. What else is there to know? Well, given the common roofing myths that are everywhere and reliable roofing facts aren’t always easy to come by – a lot!

Your roof is probably the most important part of your house. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the least understood. For example, did you know that your roof doesn’t only provide protection from the elements, but plays a major role in determining your AC bill? Probably not.

Keep reading to learn common roofing myths and find out important (and money saving) facts about roofs.

Common Roofing Myths

Roofs aren’t a dime a dozen, but myths and false information about them are. These can be simple, like the idea that all roofing tiles are the same. They can also be larger, and more costly, like the belief that your roofer doesn’t need to be insured.

Some of the more common roofing myths include:

All Roofs are the Same

Roofs aren’t one-size-fits-all. There are metal roofs, shingled roofs, modified bitumen roofs, and all types of varieties in between. There are different styles of roofs (flat and sloped roofs) and different ways to coat them, and different types of roofs (commercial and residential roofs).

The bottom line is that your roof is as unique as the house itself.

roofsMy Roof Doesn’t Need Maintenance

Think roofs are a one and done purchase? Think again. Roofs need regular maintenance and repair in order to stay structurally sound. They can be damaged by everything from falling debris to excessive rain, which is something we’re all familiar with here in South Florida.

Taking care of your roof with regularly scheduled maintenance is as important as taking your car in for an oil change. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to happen as often. Make sure you find a roofer who inspects your roof annually and offers repairs and replacements if they’re needed.

I Can Just Hire Whoever is Cheapest

Believing that you can cut corners when finding a roofer is by far the most common roofing myth. This makes sense. After all, who doesn’t want to save a few dollars? Plus, when you add all the other misinformation into the equation, hiring a professional roofer doesn’t always seem necessary.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. You want to find the best possible roofer – one who is insured, licensed, has positive reviews, and a track record of successfully maintaining and repairing different types of roofs. Bonus points if your roofer is local and knows the weather conditions and common roofing problems in your area.

Roofing Facts

Now that we know some of the more common roofing myths, let’s switch to the polar opposite – roofing facts. You might think this is a boring topic, but you’d be surprised by the amount of valuable information you can gather from a handful of simple facts.

Facts About Roofs

  • Sloped roofs are best suited for rainy climates, which makes them perfect for South Florida.
  • Making sure your roof is properly ventilated will go a long way towards extending its life and keeping maintenance and repair costs minimal.
  • Green roofs last longer than traditional asphalt roofs. They also help the environment by lowering CO2 emissions.
  • You can actually do a basic roof inspection on your own, but remember to always call a professional roofer before doing anything more than looking for damage.
  • A properly installed and maintained roof can lower your AC bills and add resale value to your home. On the flip side, a damaged or leaking roof has the potential to torpedo a home sale.

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