Three Types Of Roof Coatings And The Best One For Your Home

Roof coatings are applied directly on the top of your existing roofing material to provide additional protection against leaks, damage, and weather conditions.

While all roof coatings may appear similar at the outset, they are quite different in terms of their functions and benefits. If you are thinking about getting a roof coating this season, you should know the vital distinctions between these three types of coatings which are commonly used.

Here are some key insights about the three major types of roof coatings, and how to choose the best roof coating in Florida for your home.

Asphalt Emulsion Roof Coating

This roof coating is made from emulsified asphalt. As the name suggests, the asphalt emulsion roof coating contains water-dispersed particles of asphalt and uses bentonite clay as the emulsifying agent.

The organic, as well as inorganic fillers and fibers in these coatings, make them one of the strongest roof coating options in the market. Emulsion coatings install across three layers, unlike the other types of roof coatings in Florida. This makes sure that they provide waterproof protection to your roof that will last for years.

Acrylic Roof Coating

Acrylic roof coatings are the most inexpensive and easy-to-install out of all the other types of roof coatings. Since these roof coatings are water-based, the roof coating application can be easily done with a sprayer or another similar tool.

If you are looking for a roof coating in Florida that provides maximum UV protection, choose the acrylic coating. They keep roofing material from UV damage as well as other gradual deterioration that can happen over extended periods of time.

In addition, the acrylic roof coatings help the building stay cool during the brutal summer months in Florida, thanks to their reflective property. These coatings derive their name from certain kinds of acrylic polymer that’s used in the formulation of this coating. The acrylic polymer is considered to be highly durable, thus extending the life of roof coating.

If you’re on a budget, but don’t want to compromise on the durability of the roof coating, acrylic roof coating could be a wise choice.

Silicone Roof Coating

Silicone roof coating is the best for residential roofs, designed to offer extreme protection to your roof. Silicone is an ideal material to sustain water exposure without getting degraded over extended periods of time. That’s why silicone roof coatings are considered the most durable and resilient.

Silicone coating is also designed to endure the extreme rigors of nature (hail storm, hurricane, wind, debris, etc.) without getting damaged. In addition, silicone is a natural material, which means these solvent-based roof coatings are eco-friendly.

The coating is applied to the roofing in different ways, such as rolling or spraying. If you need a roller for a silicone roof coating application, make sure to choose a medium-nap roller. Depending on the substrate, silicone coatings may be applied anywhere from 2 to 3.5 gallons per 100 sq. ft. You can also choose any color you like since silicone roof coatings come in a variety of color options.

Why is Silicone Roof Coating the Best One for Your Home?

These roofing coatings offer two big advantages compared to other options:

  • It doesn’t need a primer to adhere to most substrates
  • It can repel ponding water for long periods of time.

These distinguishing features make silicone roof coatings affordable and a superior quality option for your roof coating needs.

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