Winterizing Your Roof Checklist

We’re officially in the thick of another South Florida winter. It’s time to break out our once-a-year sweatshirts, turn on the heat for the first time in a long time, and prepare for another brutal season of fifty-degree mornings.

This would also be an ideal time to make sure your roof is winterized.

Making sure your roof is in tiptop shape might not seem as important in South Florida as in, say, Minnesota. We’re not going to be dealing with inches and feet of snow piled up on our shingles. Make no mistake though: you want your roof to be prepared for colder temperatures.  

Check out our Winterizing Your Roof Checklist below and don’t forget to contact us today for a professional roofing inspection!

Give Your Roof a Once Over

The first step in your winter roof checklist is to give your roof a detailed once over. Look for missing, broken, or damaged roofing material. Pay special attention to where your tiles or shingles meet and any eroded sealing. You’ll also want to check any vents, skylights, and flashing. We’ll get to that in just a second.

Make sure to register any damage that may have occurred and contact your roofer to professionally repair it, as soon as possible.

Make sure there aren’t any tree branches piled up. If there are, remove them. Trim any tree branches that are hanging over your roof. Remove any clumped together leaves, too. This will help rain make its way to your gutters and save you from potential water damage down the road.

Clean Your Gutters

Cleaning your gutters and downspouts is another simple step to winterize your roof. Clear them of leaves, branches, and any other stoppage. Trust us, you don’t want water to back up on your roof and cause leaks.

Keep an eye out for any structural damage. This can impact how effectively your roof drains water. Make sure your downspouts are firmly attached to your house’s siding and draining to an appropriate area.

Check Your Attic and Vents

Step three on our checklist is to check your attic and vents. While this isn’t as important in Florida as in our northern neighbors, it is still worth spending an hour or two on such tasks.

Make sure the insulation of your attic is installed properly and not blocking any internal vents. This will help keep out leaks and, as a nice added bonus, help keep your energy bill down. Pay close attention to any insulation around the eaves and soffits of your attic.

Next, make sure your vents are in good shape. This applies to internal vents in your attic and their external counterparts on top of your roof. Make sure the sealing is not damaged or degraded and that the booting is properly installed and free of cracks.

Commercial Building Roofs

Winterizing a commercial roof is slightly more complicated than winterizing a residential roof. This is not only due to their size, but due to the array of HVAC and other equipment on them. So, how can you make sure your office building, small business building, and the likes are ready for winter?

Do everything we mentioned above! Check for missing or damaged roofing material, and verify the gutters and drainage systems. Check the sub-roof, and make sure all the equipment on top of the roof is properly installed and sealed. Note anything that does not look right.

You may then contact commercial roofing maintenance professionals. They’ll be able to come at your convenience, repair all potential damages, and give you piece of mind for the winter.

When dealing with repairs, it is important to trust who you contact.

We have over three decades of South Florida roofing experience here at Aastro Roofing. Contact us today for a free estimate and to make sure your roof is ready for winter!