Worried About Paying for Your New Roof? Aastro Roofing Can Help

Updating your home encompasses many different aspects and projects. One of the most critical improvements you can make to your home is putting on a new roof. The roof helps protect the home from wind, water, and debris. A properly installed roof can help prevent water from getting into your home, which can lead to mildew and moisture problems. If you are planning to update your home with a new roof, you likely are worried about how you can pay for it. Aastro Roofing can help with not only the installation but also roof financing options.

Why Replace Your Roof?

Roof replacements are important upgrades to your home that must be made ever so often. Why? Leaving an older roof on your home can easily cause a leak. A roof should be replaced no later than every 20 years if you want to prevent water damage. Replace your roof when there is damage from trees, wear and tear, loose or missing shingles, and any other significant damage occurs. 

Roof Financing Options

roof replacementsYou have financing options available from Aastro Roofing if you are worried about being able to pay for your new roof. We will work with you so you are able to pay with little to no worries. Our financing plans include varying payment plans so you don’t have to worry about being able to pay the entire balance in full when the project is complete. Making monthly payments over a period of one or two years can make it much less stressful when you realize it’s time to replace your roof.

Interest-Free Payments

A big benefit of working with Aastro Roofing when replacing the roof of your home or when making a roof repair is that you can secure interest-free payments. This means that so long as you continue to make your minimum monthly payments on-time, you will not accrue any interest each month. However, if you fail to make a payment or do not pay the balance of the account by the due date, interest will be applied from the date of the transaction.

Monthly Payments

Making monthly payments, instead of a down payment, is a much better option when replacing your roof in Florida. With monthly payments, you will be able to provide Aastro Roofing with a minimum payment. If you can only pay less than the minimum payment one month and more the next, you have this option. As long as the balance is paid in full by the due date, you won’t get charged any interest. Adding a small monthly payment to your budget is easier than finding a lump sum of money during difficult times to replace your roof.

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