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How to choose a roofer? We have some tips for you!

When you are looking for your roofing contractor, you shouldn’t go with the first person that comes to your door.  You need to do your due diligence to ensure that you are getting a trustworthy roofing contractor that not only knows what they are doing but will get the job done as well.  Construction is known for the contractors that don’t complete the work, start work but never finish and so many other horrific stories. However, if you ask around and take a minute to look into a commercial or residential roofing company, you will be doing yourself a favor. 

Remember, a new roof may not show signs that your contractor wasn’t reliable until 5-10 years down the road.  A roof’s lifespan can be greatly reduced when not installed properly. This will be your cost, again, so it is important to pay attention to these tips to ensure you have done everything you can to hire the proper roofing company. It’s best to learn how to choose a roofer before you invest in roof repair or replacement.

1) Get local roofer referrals

Ask the locals! Where do you do this? There are all kinds of social media groups that are for local people.  Get on some that are in your area and simply ask. If someone is willing to recommend someone that they have used, this is a good sign that you too can trust them.  This also will help you find someone local, as many of them do their entire business based on referrals.

These are local Facebook groups to ask for referrals for any services and how to choose a roofer.

Delray Beach Community Forum

2) Look for Manufacturer recommendations

Roofing material manufacturers will have recommended contractors.  These are contractors that have passed certain criteria and testing. They do not do this lightly as they’re putting their brand’s seal of approval onto someone else. This is a great honor and privilege to these contractors and they too don’t take this lightly.  This is a great sign that this contractor knows what they are doing as well as will do a good job.3) Research the Better Business Bureau

2) Research the Better Business Bureau

Do your research. Look at not only the better business bureau but online as well. Many contractors have an online presence, see what others are saying about the company that you are interested in.

How to choose a roofer – Interview questions for roofers:

  1. What precautions should you take when performing roofing jobs? This will demonstrate the the roofing contractors experience with safety standards and precautionary procedures.
  2. What is your protocol if the wood under the roof is rotted? This will demonstrate a roofers experience within the roofing industry.
  3. What is the most challenging of a roofing job? This will demonstrate a roofers experience within the roofing industry.
  4. How do you delegate responsibility to semi-skilled or unskilled workers? This will demonstrate management and leadership skills.
  5. How do you ensure a roof replacement is done on time? This will demonstrate a roofers time-management skills and experience. 

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4) Check for Warranties

Many contractors will offer the manufacturer’s warranty.  This does not cover anything should the roof be installed incorrectly.  However, there are contractors that will offer a warranty on their work as well.,  This is a good sign that they are confident in their work and should you have any issues they will fix it for you.  Should you not have a warranty and something goes wrong, you are liable for the damages. This could potentially mean that you will be responsible for putting on a new roof before it is time. 

Find our roof warranty pdf info-graphic here

how to choose a roofer

5) Check for proper licensing and insurance

Any contractor that is in business needs to have the proper licenses and insurance.  This means that they should be able to provide you with this information and shouldn’t be quiet about it.  This is public knowledge information and is nothing that is too personal. So, ask for copies of their information and check to be sure that it is accurate as well.

6) Be Safety Conscience

When you are on a roof, you need to conscious of safety.  And, this runs true with your contractor as well. Ensure that they are a part of the CARE which is center for the advancement of roofing excellence. This is a program that roofers can go through to ensure they are using the latest safty techniques. 

7) Pay your deductible

Any contractor that is telling you that you don’t have a deductible could be committing insurance fraud.  You don’t want to be apart of any fraud, so be sure that you pay your deductible as you should.  

8) Handle your Claim

Always handle the claim with your insurance company.  You don’t want a contractor acting like you when talking to your insurance company.  This is another way that some contractors fraud insurance companies and the liability could fall onto you.  

9) Don’t be pressured

If a contractor is pressuring you to sign a contract before you are ready, then they may not be your contractor.  Be sure that you have the paperwork back from your insurance company and know what you will be liable for before you decide on a contractor.  This is usually a sign that they are desperate for work. Most contractors that are good at what they do, have a lot of work to do.  

10) Know the material choices you have

Be sure that your contractor goes over all the materials options out there.  They should explain to you the benefits as well as the cons of each material. This shows that they are interested in what is best for you and your project. This is important as you need a contractor that is on your side.  

Conclusion of How To Choose a Roofer:

When it comes to choosing a residential or commercial roofing contractor it’s best to look for information on how to choose a roofer. If you’re looking for experienced, licensed and insured roofers with a great name in the residential and commercial property owners community, you have come to the right place. We service Boca Raton and the surrounding Palm Beach and Broward County area. Contact Us Today!


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