Here’s Why Winter is the Best Time to Get Your Roof Fixed in South Florida

Here’s Why Winter is the Best Time to Get Your Roof Fixed in South Florida

Getting your roof fixed in South Florida poses a different kind of challenge. Unlike in other parts of the United States, it’s harder to plan this kind of job here because the roof repairman will need to deal with a host of extreme weather problems that can affect the quality of his work.

If it’s not scorching hot outside during the summer season, South Florida roof repair may also be put on hold because of the number or rains and hurricanes that pass by the state during spring or fall. This leaves a winter roof repair as the best option since this season is usually the calmest when it comes to the weather.

Challenges of Roof Repair in South Florida

The biggest obstacle when repairing, fixing or replacing the roof during the springtime is rain. A drizzle can easily delay the job you were expecting to be finished in less than a week.

Any work done on the roof during the rainy days can get dampened with moisture, which may damage the membranes of the roofing materials. It’s going to be impractical to work during this time since the roofing construction might not adhere and come out well.

It’s also quite dangerous on the part of the roof repairman to tackle a roofing job in the spring as the rainy weather causes wet surfaces that may lead to accidents. On the other hand, the high summer temperature may also be too much to endure for roof laborers who may get dehydrated.

When it’s too hot, it might also be challenging to work with roofing shingles since these could soften up under high temperatures. The summer season may be very ideal for roofing jobs in other states in America, but it’s just not the right time in South Florida.

South Florida Roof Repair During Hurricane Season

Contrary to popular belief, it’s at least easier to schedule a roof repair job during the hurricane season. This is because the storms can be predicted so the repairmen can plan and prepare beforehand.

However, what can make their job harder may happen after the storm has passed. The hurricanes can bring in more problems that can extend and delays the project’s completion. So, unless it’s an emergency, it’s best to wait to get the roof fixed for a few more weeks.

Winter Roof Repair in South Florida

The weather in South Florida during the winter is usually so mild and at least above 40 degree Fahrenheit. The roof repairman won’t have to contend with wetness, extreme heat, wind and storm during this time. Because it hardly snows in South Florida, the roofing work can also go smoothly and without any incident. The mild temperature will also ideal for the thermal sealing process that’s necessary for keeping the roof’s barriers watertight.

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