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Aastro Roofing Inc also provides shingle roofing materials and assembly for our Boca Raton roofing clients. Roofing shingles-when administered correctly-overlap one other as individual pieces. In the past, Aastro Roofing Inc used archaic materials such as copper as an underlay for the ridge of roofs but we have since upgraded to a plastic underlay for our Boca Raton roofing shingles. In fact, Aastro Roofing Inc employs a variety of roofing materials when applying roofing shingles today; including shake, fiberglass asphalt shingles, and slate. However, we generally do not recommend the use of wood-based Boca Raton roofing shingles because they are more susceptible to catching on fire.

Instead, Aastro Roofing Inc recommends the use of fiberglass asphalt shingles over most other roofing shingle materials due to their lightweight build, fire resistance, and impressive durability and longevity. Moreover, a study has found that fiberglass asphalt shingles last an average of 25 years longer than most Boca Raton roofing shingle variants. Thus, we would recommend fiberglass asphalt shingles as your first choice for your Boca Raton roofing needs.


Shingle Roof Repair and Replacement Palm Beach County

In addition, Aastro Roofing Inc also uses slate as a shingle material. Slate essentially consists of finely grained sediments of different earthbound materials, including pumice and clay. We would recommend slate if your number one priority is longevity because Slate shingles can last well over a century in ideal conditions. However, we would not recommend slate shingles if the price is a major factor because they can cost over 3 times as much as other fiberglass asphalt shingles.

Another fairly popular shingle variant is the shake. Shake-also known as wood-based shingles – are made from logs. They are commonly used on the exteriors and roofs of homes around the world. For added protection, Aastro Roofing Inc recommends higher grade shakes for your Boca Raton roofing needs to provide added protection against the elements. While we are aware of the rustic ambiance that wood shingles can provide, they also come with a higher upkeep cost.

Hence, Aastro Roofing Inc provides several different shingle roofing varieties for your Boca Raton roofing needs. Each shingle variety has its unique pros and cons and we will provide a free consultation to select the ideal shingle solution for your unique Boca Raton roofing needs.

Shingle Roof Repair in Boca Raton & Surrounding Areas

Aastro Roofing Company in Boca Raton specializes in shingle roof repair for the surrounding areas of Boca Raton. We know of no other roofing contractors that can match our shingle roof repair warranty. Here at Aastro Roofing Company, we offer lifetime guarantees on all our shingle roofing repairs. You may ask how we can do this? We approach shingle roofing repair a little differently than most roofing contractors. Some roofers will try to smear tar or put a band-aid over the problem. But at Aastro Roofing Company in Boca Raton, we go directly after the leaky shingle roof with the tenacity of a bloodhound. Exposing the leak and addressing the entire area. We remove all the shingles and felt to expose the area of the roof that is leaking. In order to repair a shingle roof properly, the shingles and roofing felt need to be removed and we need to see the wood roof deck in order to follow the leak to its origin. Once the leak has been thoroughly inspected, investigated, and exposed, can it be properly repaired. Shingle roofs are not hard to fix, but they can be difficult to fix properly. So if you need a roofing repair expert in Boca Raton, you should give Aastro Roofing Company a try. We are professional, honest, transparent, and reliable. We never charge for roof repair inspections, and we always provide free, honest advice about your roof condition. Call Aastro Roofing Company in Boca Raton today for your free shingle roof repair estimate.

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    Types of Shingle Roofing We Repair and Re-roof:

    3 Tab Asphalt Shingles $5,000 – $12,500 20 years
    Architectural Shingles $12,450 – $15,785 30 years
    Metal Roof Shingles $5,000 – $28,000 80 years
    Rubber Shingles $11,000 – $18,000 20 years
    Solar Shingles $60,000 – $75,000 30 years
    Tile Shingles $20,000 – $50,000 150 years
    Wooden Shingles $10,000 – $15,645 30 years

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