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Aastro Roofing offers premium slate roofing services, providing a timeless and elegant option for homeowners seeking durability and aesthetic appeal. Slate roofs are known for their exceptional longevity, fire resistance, and natural beauty. Our expert installation ensures that your slate roof is meticulously crafted to enhance your home’s appearance and provide long-lasting protection against the elements.

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Slate Roofs

What is a Slate Roof?

A slate roof is a type of roofing material made of rock pieces such as slate, shale, schist, and marble. It covers the exterior of buildings and offers a natural look. Slate roofs also provide weather protection and can last for hundreds of years.

Slate roofs come in many colors and sizes, but the most common color for slate is black. However, slate roofs’ benefits are not limited to aesthetics—they are also durable.

Slate has been used for centuries on buildings all around the world because of its many benefits.

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What are the Benefits of a Slate Roof?

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    Mold Resistant

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    Fire Resistant

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    Style & Color Options

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    75-100 Year Lifespan

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    Extremely Durable

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    Increases Home Value

Why Choose

Slate roofs are a great investment for your home because they are not only very durable but also provide the best protection against the elements. The slates on a slate roof are attached with metal fasteners and have an interlocking pattern.

When it comes to weather resistance, few materials offer the peace of mind of a slate roof; resistant to rain, wind, hail and many other natural disasters.

The benefits of slate roofs are endless. Slate is very strong and durable, which means that it will last for generations. It is also more fire resistant than other types of roofing materials. As an added bonus, slate roofs are versatile in that they can be designed to almost any style or need, so they will compliment any home.


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