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Discover the durability and versatility of aluminum roofing systems. Lightweight, customizable, and maintenance-friendly, they offer an affordable roofing solution for any home or building.

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Aluminum Roofs

What is an Aluminum Roof?

Aluminum roofing systems are very popular in today’s market because they offer a reliable and durable product made from a lightweight material. They come in various weights, shapes, and sizes and can be personalized with any design or color of your choosing.
In addition to their affordability, aluminum roofing systems generally don’t require painting, although periodic maintenance is recommended for optimum performance.

There are many different types of aluminum roofing systems, each tailored to suit any needs necessary.

corrugated metal roof installed in a modern house. Corrugated metal roof Modern roof made of metal Metal sheet roof.
photo of Highland Beach house with aluminum roof

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What are the Benefits of an Aluminum Roof?

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    Reduce Energy Costs

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    Easy Installation

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    Provide a Lower Environmental Impact

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    Low Maintenance

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    Resistant to Fire

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    Longevity & Durability

Photo of metal roofing system in Deerfield Beach, FL

Why Choose

Energy Savings: An aluminum roof will reflect approximately 94% of the radiant heat. owners of aluminum roofs are saving up to 20% and sometimes even more on their electric costs due to a reduced need for air conditioning.

Environmentally Friendly: Aluminum shingles are made from 95% post consumer recycled aluminum, and are 100% recyclable themselves.

Durability: Aluminum roofing is incredibly durable, fire resistant, wind resistant, and impact resistant. It provides protection from external fire dangers, and doesn’t rot.
Lifespan: Because of their durability, aluminum roofs can last a long time. Many manufacturers of aluminum shingles or metal roofing will offer lifetime or 50-year warranties on their roofing


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